Photo booth Sign

Engagements, weddings, birthday party's, corporate functions, sporting clubs, fundraisers and more....

 Are you looking for a photo booth to hire?

Then get yourself a Photo Capsule!

The Vip Photo Capsule is the most memorable type of entertainment in Gippsland that benefits both you and your guests. The capsule was born from a desire to create a photo booth that was sleek, elegant and quite different from all the rest.
At Vip Photo Capsule, we steered away from the traditional wedding photo booth with its' sharp edges and dark exterior, In its place, we provide you with a one of a kind photo booth, with rounded edges, opaque plexiglass walls, and an aluminum frame. The design is simple yet sensational and leagues above the traditional boxy photo booths rental.
Our mission at Vip Photo Capsule is to help you capture the memories at your event with our photo capsules rental. When you rent a photo capsule from us, we create a unique experience that reflects your vision. Let Vip Photo Capsule customise your experience with a variety of options for your event, including applying customised logos, text with names, dates or anything else you would like and/or photographs to your prints as well as a range of backdrop colours, a variety of output photos that range from 2-6 photos per 2x6 strip, 4x6, black and white or color prints.