Why You Need A Photo Pod

10 Reasons Why You Need A Photo Pod At Your Next Event!

If you’re planning to hire a photo booth for your next event, but not sure about its benefits here are some of the reasons why a Photo Pod makes a perfect addition for any event.
Photo Pods in Australia are new and are currently so popular that people are hiring it even for intimate private parties.

They can spice up any occasion:
Corporate events, weddings, 18th/21st/ birthday parties, school deb balls, sporting clubs, fundraisers, photo booths can be hired for any occasion. You have a good reason for a photo booth basically any time you gather a group of people together.

They require zero work on your part :
You can hire it for three to five hours. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to set up our photo pod while you can chill because to make sure things run smoothly a staff member is with the Pod the whole time. You can hire it for two hours to all day/night.
It takes approximately 1.5 hours to set up our photo pod while you can chill because to make sure things run smoothly a staff member is with the Pod the whole time.

It’s fun and entertaining:
We at Vip Photo Capsule give the guests a fun and entertaining way to express themselves using our props. Hats, glasses, pvc signs, lips/moustaches on sticks and more. Guests love putting on props and acting goofy. These props will encourage even the shyest guest to take fun pictures.  They’re great fun. Our “One Of A Kind” Photo Capsule will give you more entertainment value than any other form of entertainment due to the high fun factor and laughter that you will hear coming from the capsule during the night. We’re talking pure, contagious fun. It’s not just for one person but for groups of people who want to take memorable photos. The fun and laughter we mentioned? It even makes other guests at your event interested in the photo capsule as well. Not everyone will put their dancing shoes on but pretty much everyone will have a session in our amazing photo capsule. Age is no barrier, creating memorable and unique photos of all generations. An affordable floor filler, which ensures all guests are left entertained.

One of a kind memory guestbook:
Maybe the main reason for a Photo Capsule at your celebration event is for the guest photo book. Wouldn’t you want to see photos of your guests that had been taken in our Photo Capsule for your memories? I guarantee you would sayyes. You will find lovely messages from your family and friends next to their photos which will contribute to a lasting treasured memory of your celebration for years to come.
Possibly the number one reason for having a photo booth at your event is the memories it creates. Not only do guests create photos for your guest book but they also receive a photo strip of as well to take home.So many people will see these photos into the future and so many people will ask you questions as to where it was taken. They really are a wonderful addition to your celebration

You can make it personal:
In addition to personalized borders and custom colours you can get your party pictures customised. You can choose any theme – the 70s disco theme or any funny theme of your choice. You can even bring your own awesome props and get creative. These personal touches will make your event all the more special.

Live photo slideshow add to the fun:
We also provide a slideshow viewed on our monitor above the photo pod of the photos that have been taken in the pod. It will be alot of fun to see the crazy pictures of all your friends on screen during the event.

Video messages:
Our Photo Pod can also record video messages from your guests to leave.

Slideshow on usb:
Have all you photos on an password protected online gallery or usb. Soon we will also be offering a slideshow with music so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the memories.

Many of your guests won’t know each other, and getting to know someone seated at a table is not a simple thing. However, when people gather in line at the photo pod, the barriers to communication breakdown because there is an opportunity for unexpected fun. Conversations simply flow more easily when participating in a shared experience, and opportunities arise for your guests to interact with each other.

Online password protected gallery:
Never lose your memorable photos ever again. Have all the photos from your event uploaded to our online gallery with your own password which gives you control who gets access and able to download the photos free of charge.

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